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June 1, 2005

Blogging good Content Requires Quality not Quantity

Great article on business blogging by Patrick Thibodeau, though I would say one thing about the reported number of bloggers by each company. My company has been conducting a survey of the corporate blogging industry, and so we had to develop a list of corporate bloggers. While 1,500 people at Microsoft might have signed up for a blog, not very many of them are very active. Some only have a few articles posted, and those were a number of months ago. Each company does have a quantity of content rich blogs, but the number is a lot less than the 100's or 1000's described in this article.

Starting a blog is easy, but having the discipline to write on a regular basis is difficult. It’s also a matter of finding the right voice. When I was running the business blog for I had trouble finding the right voice for the company. I realized over time that the people who should have been blogging were the sales technical support people. The people who our customers always wanted to chat too on the telephone, that’s a good standard to choosing your blogger and for your content. Write about what your customers want to talk about the most, and have the person with the most knowledge either blog or contribute to the blog.

Posted by johncass at June 1, 2005 4:55 PM

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