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June 8, 2005

Problems With The Zoomerang Survey Engine?

I have had a few people tell me that they had trouble taking the survey, if you have problems it may be browser issues. Check your browser or try taking the survey from another machine. More details below.

Connectivity and other technical problems are often caused by your browser settings for cookies, Active X, JavaScript and cache handling. If you are having connectivity issues in Zoomerang, it may be because your browser settings are not compatible with Zoomerang's requirements. Please make sure your settings match those listed below. Click here to view detailed instructions, with screen shots, of how to check and adjust these settings. Other things that may affect performance include your firewall settings, the speed of your connection, proxy server settings and anti-virus software.

Proper Settings in Internet Explorer

To check or modify browser settings in Internet Explorer, open your browser and using the menus, go to Tools/Internet Options. Then:

Go the Security tab and click on the Custom Level button.
For the items in the ActiveX Control and Plug-ins section, make sure you have the following settings:
Download signed Active X Controls - PROMPT
Download unsigned ActiveX Controls - DISABLE
Initialize and script ActiveX Controls not marked as safe - DISABLE
Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins - ENABLE
Script ActiveX controls marked safe - ENABLE
For the items in the Cookies section, make sure you have the following settings:
Allow cookies that are stored on your computer - ENABLE
Allow per session cookies - ENABLE
In the Microsoft VM section, set the Java Permissions item to HIGH SAFETY.
Click OK to save any changes you may have made.
Now go back to the General Tab and do the following:
Click the Settings button in the Temporary Internet Files section.
For the item Check for newer versions of stored pages, select Every visit to the page, then click OK.
Now click the Delete Files button and click OK to delete your temporary internet files. These files could be one source of the problem you are having and deleting them is harmless.
Proper Settings in Netscape Navigator

To check or modify browser settings in Netscape, open your browser and using the menus, go to Edit/Preferences. Then:

Click on Advanced and make sure you have the following settings:
Enable Java Script checkbox - selected
Accept all cookes radio button - selected
Now open the Advanced folder by clicking on the + next to it
Click on Cache and make sure the Every time radio button is selected for how often the document in cache is compared to the document on the network (NOTE that this item has a different name/options depending on the version of netscape you have)
Click the Clear Memory Cache button
Click the Clear Disk Cache button
Click OK
If You Still Have Problems

We are aware that older versions of AOL sometimes experience connectivity problems and are working diligently to correct any compatibility issues. If your issues aren't resolved after following the instructions above, submit a request using the Ask a Question tab. Please include the following information about your Zoomerang account, computer system, network and internet connection in the request:

Browser and version (Internet Explorer 5.5, etc.)
How you are connected to the internet (dialup, T1, DSL etc.)
Your Internet Service Provider if not in the office/on T1 (Pacific Bell, etc.)
Your operating system (Windows 2000, Mac SO X, etc.)
The URL of the Survey
The account login under which the survey was created
Screen shot of the error message, if possible

Posted by johncass at June 8, 2005 9:06 AM

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I am a previous user of However, right now I am using, It has all the features of Zoomerang, if not more, and it is 5 times cheaper. Plus, with StellarSurvey you can create unlimited free account.

Posted by: Kathryn at January 20, 2006 1:42 PM

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