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July 27, 2005

‘Blogging Relations’ the concept that combines PR & SEO

Public relations is all about getting your message out into a community and hopefully influencing people to listen and hear your message. Part of the PR process is going through conduits that are seen as independent.

The new blogging economy means that companies are facing customers who know more about their products and industry than they do. Customers have the ability to self publish on forum sites,, blogs and other self-publishing community sites. Customers are discussing products with their fellow customers.

My company, Backbone Media, Inc. helps clients to develop strategies that work within the new blogging economy. We conduct an online media audit of a company’s customer community, identify the key influencers in the community from both the perspective of thought leadership and readership, plus the benefits of getting a link from their website to your site.

The next step is to identify the content strategies that both link to a customer’s products and ensure that a pitch, comment, trackback is not just seen as a crass attempt at selling a company’s set of products. Backbone Media, Inc believes that the best way to get high rankings on search engines is to build good highly relevant content on a keyword or topic. If your content is relevant your customer community will vote for its relevancy by linking to the content.

As an early pioneer in search engine optimization and marketing (founded 1996) Backbone Media, Inc. has always believed a client’s content strategy is the key to building high search engine rankings. Now that the reality of the new blogging economy has hit the mainstream we believe those SEO content strategies are just as relevant for building a company blogging strategy.

I was inspired today to write about the evolving nature of SEO and PR into ‘blogging relations’ or BR. I don’t think blogging relations just relates to blogs, it includes any website that gives customers and industry influencers the power to self publish but as a concept it does describe the new cultural phenomenon of blogging as it combines with search engine optimization.

A company conducting ‘blogger relations’ doesn’t only look for links from highly ranked websites; a company first develops a content strategy that will be of interest to the community. As the examples of Microsoft, Macromedia and others were detailed in the Backbone Media corporate blogging white paper, focusing on a content strategy of your customer’s ideas and feedback produces the greatest opportunities for creating customer evangelists, more links, sales and higher search engine rankings.

Backbone Media, Inc. helps our clients to combine their content strategies for the new blogging economy with an SEO strategy that helps to develop relevant content that boosts search engine rankings.

Posted by johncass at July 27, 2005 2:33 PM

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