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July 30, 2005

John Cleese, the LiveVault Video & Blog

Bob Cramer’s company LiveVault did a wonderful job with hiring John Cleese’s company to make a viral marketing video about their data backup system. The video is very funny. I also looked at Bob’s LiveVault blog and had one or two suggestions for him.

· Turn on trackbacks – if anyone does write a post, you will then know they have, they might have some ideas that help you to improve your products or make even funnier your site.
· Build a side list of comments on the right navigation. Experienced Bloggers partly assess the authority of a blog by the number of comments.
· Start conducting blogger relations with the people who post on their blogs about your video and products to increase the number of comments on your blog, see more on comments and writing a blog at Lessons learned from the Backbone Media blogging survey.

Great job guys, the video is very funny, have you made it to 1 million down loads yet? Also what are your sales conversion numbers? You might not want to reveal the numbers, but I think you could easily get into marketing and other marketing publication if you can put a good case study together.

Posted by johncass at July 30, 2005 11:41 PM

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