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September 14, 2005

How Will Combat Google’s Blog Search?

Google’s Blog search service was announced today, here are a few thoughts on the service and its effect on

Until recently many feed search engines resembled search engines from the late 90's in the number of Spam blogs allowed into their indexes. Despite a constant effort to remove Spam blogs from their indexes on many high volume traffic terms the results in many major RSS feed search engines was filled with Spam blogs.

Google's foray into the space brings a company that has considerable experience in eliminating search engine spider Spam websites. Conducting a search on the high volume keyword "digital camera" this afternoon in Google Blog Search Engine I discovered a top list of reasonable results compared to a similar search in other mainstream feed search engines.

My colleagues and I here at Backbone Media have been looking for better tools to find articles we need for our clients and internally. Several issues have arisen where we have spent too much time looking through Spam blogs rather than useful articles on the subject we are searching. I find the Google announcement to be very encouraging.

In addition, the issue with the quantity of blog Spam hits on one of the Backbone Media rules for building a great website that will get a high ranking in search engines – content! There is still a lot of opportunity for a company to develop a great website or blog using a content management system that dominates their industry and keywords by developing lots of great content. Surprisingly Backbone Media has seen a scarcity of good blogs on quite a few keywords even though many of the feed search engines state there are millions of blogs on the net.

Companies like will have to compete with Google head to head on providing many, timely good results. I suspect that Google Blog Search is not indexing as many blogs as the existing services, but if and the other services want to maintain their lead, I recommend doing more to eliminate the number of Spam blogs from their indexes. Many of the Spam blogs are posted to help with getting higher rankings in search engines, probably something of a useless exercise for the mature search engines, but very effective in the emerging feed search engines.

To learn more about Google's new blog search engine read the Google Blog Search help page.

Posted by johncass at September 14, 2005 3:56 PM

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