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September 23, 2005

Paul Rosenfeld on Intuit's QuickBooks Online Edition Blog

Paul Rosenfeld is the General Manager for QuickBooks Online Edition and man behind the Quickbooks Online Weblog. Paul explained on a panel at the business blog summit in San Francisco that Intuit is passionate about customers, and his team of 90 team members is passionate about serving their 35,000+ customers using blogs and forums.

Intuit runs satisfaction surveys on each division, and Paul revealed that his division has some of the highest satisfaction scores at Intuit. Paul believes blogs have played an important role in boosting his division’s customer satisfaction scores. Paul explained in the panel discussion that Intuit has millions of customers; Intuit has to be very customer focused by default, as helping clients to manage their tax affairs is very personal. Paul thought that Intuit was no afraid of blogging because “blogging is really built into the culture of Intuit as a customer focused company.? Though Paul did give an anecdote that corporate communications held an internal seminar on blogging at Intuit and invited Paul as the person most knowledgeable about blogging in the company, and some of the biggest questions come PR were “what are the risks involved in blogging?? Paul explained to the group that employees have to start to talk with customers if Intuit can be even more successful in providing customer service.

Paul’s presentation was on a panel with member of the agency team who run General Motors FastLane Blog, and the panel discussed the issue of CEO blogs and celebrities. Paul made the point that “you don’t have to be a celebrity to blog, blogging is anything but that, and my people are rock stars that nobody knows about. The people in my division work on products known to those millions of customers, blogs are one way to get to know the people behind the product.? Paul also was not too worried about misspellings on the blog, he thought it showed the blog was run by people rather than corporate robots.

Paul explained that his job was to sell more products and make sure the people are happy. He aimed to create an experience so great that it causes customers tell other people. Paul’s division is a small part of the business, but it’s on the Internet, the blog builds a confidence and credibility to buy the service using the web.

The QuickBooks online blog is a community blog, many authors’ blog, but the blog is not regularly updated on a daily basis. The blog has over ten authors contributing to the blog.

More posts and interviews with Paul on blogging: Bloggersblog, Toby Bloomberg and Debbie Weil.

Posted by johncass at September 23, 2005 1:17 PM

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