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November 22, 2005

Blog Marketing Requires Outreach

When an author writes a book often the writing process is very much alone, yet once published, a writer has to reach out to the world to promote their book. Book readings and constant optimism are the keys to success.

Blog marketing or blogger relations requires that same approach to build a successful blog, once your articles are written you have to promote them, chat with colleagues in the industry and start a dialogue. Who to connect with in your efforts, basically people who are thoughtful readers, who have authority in your industry and who will reciprocate.

Robin Good wrote an article about, “How To Measure A Blogger's Popularity And Reach: The Big Jump,? and for the quick reader Christian Crumlish summarized the article.

1. Check her Technorati standing.
2. [F]ind out (not always possible, but you can also ask directly) how many subscribers the online publication has.
3. Check whether the person makes her traffic statistics publicly viewable.
4. Do some basic Google searches and see whether an official bio/profie exist for this person.
5. Check the number of search results found for the name of that person when searched for within quotes.
6. If the person has a web site check the site popularity by using the excellent toolkit from Marketleap.
7. Check how popular are the issues and topics discussions she gets involved in.
8. Check whether the person has been covered by local news media in her country.
9. Check whether the person has been covered by international news media outside of his native country and identify specific sources and mentions received over time.

Posted by johncass at November 22, 2005 12:12 PM

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