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December 13, 2005

Boston Product Manager's Association Blogging Event

The Boston Product Manager’s Association is hosting a blogging discussion about product development on February 16th. I contacted the association a few months ago, as I really wanted to discuss the issue of blogging and product development with product managers in the Boston area.

I will be speaking and moderating the event, with Tim Buntel from Macromedia and Scott Wilder from Intuit, Scott is flying out from California for the event.

Similar to previous presentations, I thought it would be great if I reached out to the Product Manager’s Association prior to the meeting and asked for their questions about the value of blogging for product managers. Please click on the comment link below and post a question you have for the panel.

Here are Tim and Scott’s bios:

Tim Buntel is Product Manager for ColdFusion at Macromedia. In addition to his role on the product team, he frequently lectures, teaches, and writes about Macromedia technology. He has been a ColdFusion developer himself for many years.

Scott K. Wilder is currently the Group Manager of Intuit's QuickBooks Online Community and Collaboration website. Before working at Intuit, he was the Vice President of Marketing and Product Development at and eToys.

He has held numerous senior management positions at America Online, Apple Computer, and American Express. When Scott worked at America Online and its subsidiary,, Scott was involved in creating the first online advertisement, online chat and commercial website. Scott received master's degrees from The Johns Hopkins University and New York University.

Here’s the link and write up on the Product Manager’s Association website:

Thursday, February 16, 2006
Using Blogs for Product Feedback and Development
Panel discussion led by John Cass, Backbone Media Inc.
This panel discussion will focus on how and why blogging can be used as a method of information gathering by product managers. John will present case studies on how a company has used a blog to gather customer product feedback and what you need to do to be successful in using blogs to gather customer product feedback.

Posted by johncass at December 13, 2005 6:31 PM

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