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December 30, 2005

Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki Launched

Chris Anderson announced the launch of the Fortune 500 business blogging wiki, a list of the Fortune 500 companies that are blogging, along with a review of their stock price, the wiki is provided by Ross Mayfield (Socialtext). Chris Anderson and Doc Searls had sat down to dinner not so long ago and wondered why more Fortune 500 companies were not blogging. Doc hypothesized that those companies who are doing well would have more to lose from blogging than those that are not. Hence the development of a survey to determine if Doc's idea is true, for the moment it turns out that it may be, read Chris Andreson's post about the conversation and wiki.

According to the survey only 4% of the fortune 500 are blogging, the majority of the companies blogging are technology related, which makes sense as the many of their customers are reading and using blogs.

One of my goals in conducting the Corporate Blogging Survey was to determine who was blogging, by that I mean what is the occupation of the people who blog in companies? From conducting interviews with companies like Macromedia, and Microsoft in 2004 I had discovered that product development was an important part of corporate blogging. I am now wondering if I could test my hypothesis that a company's product builders rather than product promoters are the people who should be blogging? Maybe I'd be able to add some sections to the wiki and ask companies to list the number of employees who are blogging by their role in company?

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