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January 3, 2006

Newspapers Face Design Issues

Mark Cuban’s post about the type of content and length of articles in the post, “Newspapers, Stupidity and Shackleford,? raises an interesting angle on the issue of what newspapers should cover. I’ve written before on the issue of newspapers focusing their reporters on stories that are not covered by other traditional media outlets, “Community Journalism in the 21st century?, and providing more in depth coverage. Mark really makes the point by describing the stupidity (his opinion) of covering a basketball star, Charles Shackleford, in 50 words of coverage in a New York Times piece. Mark asks why that newsprint could not have been lent to other more worthy and in depth articles? Mark contrasts the role of online media and static newspapers, while online media papers lend themselves quick updates, newspapers are much more mobile and allow for more thoughtful coverage.

I think Mark is right and it all gets back to design, the design of websites and newspapers.

When there was no alternative or source of information, newspapers were the right place to print such articles, but today the online world is the place to publish quick updates. The culture has moved on and new uses for old medium present themselves as opportunities rather than threats.

Thanks to Naked Conversations

Posted by johncass at January 3, 2006 5:14 PM

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