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February 14, 2006

Nvidia Marketing Tactics

Christopher Carfi over at Social Customerwrites an excellent post about Nvidia’s efforts to market their company online, the post, “Is Nvidia Exploring The Dark Side Of Viral Marketing?? suggests that a few other bloggers suspect that Nvidia is using hired actors to pose as real customers on forum sites, giving the company positive comments. While Nvidia’s agency, AEG details that the company recruits volunteer enthusiasts for their client’s products. There model sounds very similar to BuzzAgent. I don’t know if AEG requires that their community participants must reveal their connection with the program however.

One quick way you can determine if the participants are actors or real customers is to review all positive comments across the forums, if the text is the same I’d be suspicious, if positive and different the agency is probably facilitating volunteer community outreach.

Note: Oh, Chris I wrote a few more articles about Nokia, if you want to check them out.

Posted by stephenbackbone at February 14, 2006 12:00 PM

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Hi, Stephen...would love to see the Nokia posts. Link?

(oh...and by the way, up in the first paragraph above, it's Social _Customer_, not Social Consumer. I subscribe to Jerry Michalski's view of the word "consumer," which he describes as a "a gullet whose only purpose in life is to gulp products and crap cash.")

Posted by: Christopher Carfi at February 15, 2006 9:56 AM

Oops I was logged in as administrator rather than my account on the blogging system. I actually wrote the post to you.

Check out this Nokia post:

I am will make the change on the name of your blog.

Posted by: John Cass at February 15, 2006 12:45 PM

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