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March 2, 2006

New Communications Forum In Palo Alto

Great discussion, great food and great music. All elements found at tonight’s gala event to open the New Communications Forum this evening in Palo Alto. I met several bloggers in person for the first time, including Jen McClure, Matt Galloway and Elizabeth Albrycht.

Jen McClure & John Cass.JPG

Jen McClure is one of the founders of the Society for New Communications Research and is the editor of the society’s journal New Communications Review. Jen and her board have done a tremendous job in putting together the new communications forum.

Matt Galloway + John Cass.JPG

Matt Galloway runs the eloquent and authoritative blog The Basement. Matt told me about a great new project he is working on at the moment Buzzophone. Customers have the ability to call a 1-800 number and lodge their opinion, good or bad, about a product, destination or service. Matt’s technology converts the recording into a podcast. Matt had to start moderating the podcast’s due to a few obscene phone calls. I called tonight and gave my thoughts on San Francisco Airport. My colleagues at Backbone Media were discussing the airport the day before. Matt wants to use the technology as a way to improve interaction between podcasters.

Elizabeth Albrycht + John Cass.JPG

It was especially great to meet Elizabeth Albrycht, I’ve been following her blog posts for a number of years. I've always enjoyed her thoughtful information rich posts. Elizabeth is one of the co-founders of the Society for Communications Research, and has worked tirelessly for the industry.

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