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March 24, 2006

The Science of Making Money With Search

The Science of Making Money with Search was the second panel I attended at the digital sandbox day at the American Business Media Association one-day conference in New York. Here's an overview of what I found interesting from the panelists.

Mitch Rouda, President eMedia, Hanley Wood

* Bucket of money
* Google takes our audience and advertising dollars
* Google is your home page, customers are using Google to find brand's web pages
* Hugh majority of internet users use search
* Gordon Hughes way of search
* Something happening buzz

Scott Virkler, SVP of Business Development, GlobalSpec

* Engineering web a keyword search engine
* Company provides a vertical search engine to the engineering community
* Company crawls everything and filters out every that's not engineering
* Subscription model on

Mark Holst-Knudsen, VP Content Solutions, ThomasNet

* The Thomas big green books are coming to an end, only on the web now.
* ThomasNet provides industrial content
* 20 million CAD drawings
* When a CAD drawing is downloaded, 80% of the time the product will be purchased

Tim Barngrover, SVP, ClearGauge

* A website is the marketing hub of an organization
* Is ROI relevant in building brand?
* Working with Yahoo!, and knowledgestorm
* You have to ask the question why do people go to your site?

There was no mention of Froogle. A site provided by Google. Companies can register their products with Froogle, if they are selling the product online. Registration is free. Several industrial companies are starting to register their products. One great thing about Froogle is that Froogle results occasionally appear in the top rankings above the editorial listings on the Google home page. So Froogle gives merchants the chance to catapult their products to the top of the rankings without a lot of content.

See my earlier post on another panel discussion, Writing, Sourcing & Distributing Content.

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