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May 5, 2006

Business Blogging Dominated By Technology Companies In The Fortune 500

21 of the 29 Fortune 500 companies that have a corporate blog are technology and telco related companies. And many of the blogs are aimed at their development community. According to the Fortune 500 wiki only 5.6% of Fortune 500 companies are blogging.

I think it makes sense that technology related companies dominate the ranks of those fortune 500 companies who are blogging. Technology audiences read blogs, and know how to use RSS technology to keep up to date with them. Another facet of the technology industry is pace of change and the need by technology company clients to remain competitive. A blog is a better method of communication with your audience than a standard website. It's a lot faster to up date a blog, both technically and culturally than on a traditional website. Culture plays a big factor in whether a company can blog, but I also think an audience's awareness of blogging culture is important and whether an audience will read a blog and know how to use RSS. Technology industries have the advantage in 2006, but as people learn how to use blogs and RSS, the barriers to entry will come down quickly.

Technology companies dominate the list of Fortune 500 companies' blogging. If we consider the reasons why so many technology companies have adopted blogging we can have a better hope of forecasting those industries that will be more likely to blog in the near future. Those industries where an audience needs to keep up to date on the latest developments will benefit strongly from using blogs. Industries with tech savvy audiences will also have an advantage, but to me it's the competitive nature of industries that will fuel the readership of blogs. Technology companies often have complex products and services that require a lot of customer support, blogs can help provide expertise quickly and efficiently.

Check out this edited list of technology and telco companies from the fortune 500 wiki below.

Posted by johncass at May 5, 2006 10:56 AM

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