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May 25, 2006 Partner's With Edelman

Edelman's deal with to pay to develop the blog search engine in Chinese, French, German, Italian and Korean is definitely a PR win for the company. However I was a little concerned when I first read the Richard Edelman's post about the control Edelman would have over the new language versions of

Obviously for finding a partner like Edelman to help fund other language versions of its RSS feed search engine really helps the company compete in this space. Especailly when has Google breathing down their neck.

It seems that Edelman will be paying to fast track development and in return have exclusive rights to the newly developed search engines for just a few months. Edelman is helping the industry by helping to move forward at a faster clip. I've had a few discussions with technologists about the relative value of results against Google's blog search results. Personally I am not really sure which results are better. But I do know that's whole focus as a company is on providing the best conversational results to the searcher. While Google's focus is on providing the best relevant results to the searcher. With partnerships like this and's Who's blogging service. Either through strategy or necessity, seems to understand the power of partnering to provide the best solutions to the customer and beat the competition.

See Richard Edelman's follow up comment in response to some questions from Andy Lark.

"Andy A few facts ,then our strategy First, we are paying Technorati to fast track development of these additional language capabilities. These will be rolling out from July through September in a gradual fashion. Second, this will be open to the entire blogosphere from Jan. 1, no matter whether we got French in July and Korean in September. Third, we are trying to build a competitive advantage in having proprietary use of the product in those four to six months. But we are also conscious of the beta aspect of the Technorati French or Korean product. This walk before you run approach is familiar from your technology company playbook. Fourth, we will be trying to figure out whether there is a global approach which encompasses local plus multi-local, to crisis management, brand marketing or corporate reputation. Fifith, we hear you loud and clear on your view of our taking this proprietary. We will take your opinion seriously. Thanks for writing. Richard Edelman"

Posted by johncass at May 25, 2006 9:57 AM

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