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June 27, 2006

Browster Helps You Eliminate Slogs

Advanced Technology Ventures, based in Waltham, Massachusetts backs a browser add-on company called Browster.

I was a little dubious about the concept of the company, a plug-in for Internet explorer and Fire Fox. However, once I downloaded the plug-in and tried Browster on Internet explorer, and tried the service, I thought the concept behind the technology has some merit. The plug-in allows the Internet user to roll over links on a page, say the Google search engine. When you roll over a link with an associated lightening bolt (browster's addition) a view of the rolled over page appears instantly.

I think browster can help people who search a lot of websites to quickly look through a number of websites. Which gets to why I am writing a technology article today. Backbone uses RSS feed search engines to search for blogs for our clients. We conduct audits around blogging communities and terms. Many of the RSS search engines remove many slogs or spam blogs, but quite a few do get through. Browster makes it easier to identify those slogs, and also identify blogs we do want to include in our client's audit.

In addition, I noticed that Scott Milener's blog is associated with Browster. Scott is the founder of the company, he writes the browster blog which is all about advertising, paid search, browsers and internet trends. The blog appears to be focused at the advertising community.

I am not really sure about the business model for the company. According to the main website, Browster sends ads to users. I have not seen any of the Browster ads. I'd like a better explanation of the model. However I think the technology has great merit, as it will make the process of looking through a lot of websites easier. I recorded 49 links on for the blog, many of the links were just links.

Posted by johncass at June 27, 2006 10:12 AM

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