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Monday 21 August

  • SCOUT Launches The Big Time Career Blog for Spherion (17:56) - Hello BlogSurvey readers. We've been writing an awful lot about corporate blogging strategies, blog monitoring and blogger relations. Now SCOUT (a division of Backbone Media) is launching our first official client blog for Spherion (NYSE: SFN ), one of the... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Friday 21 July

Wednesday 12 July

  • Starting To Blog (10:04) - Starting off slowly will not hurt your corporate blogging adventure. That's one of the lessons I think I've learned, as I've been blogging over the last three years. In talking with other corporate bloggers, clients and running my own blogs... | 0 Trackbacks | 2 Comments

Wednesday 5 July

  • Bloglines Engineer Comments Great Example Of CGM Brand Management (17:24) - Matthew Hurst on datamining wrote about his search for a new RSS feed reader, he is thinking of ditching his existing service, bloglines. Bloglines UI Engineer, Ben Lowery, spotted Matthew's blog post, and concerns about the bloglines service and responded... | 1 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 12 June

  • Oops! Internal ESRI Blogs Open To Feedreaders? (11:02) - ESRI the GIS software company has a corporate blog, "geography matters." It appears the company also has a blog aggregator. I subscribed to the company's RSS feed for the aggregator and discovered that the feed is also providing readable content... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments
  • Robert Scoble Leaves Microsoft For (10:26) - Robert Scoble, the most famous blogger and videologger at Microsoft is leaving Microsoft for the start up Robert also co-authored the book, "Naked Conversations," earlier this year with Shel Israel. Robert has done a great job of demonstrating the... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Saturday 3 June

  • Do You Have What It Takes To Win A SNCR Award? (22:14) - If you have not heard, the Society for New Communications Research is the place to be for all the latest and greatest in blogging and new media communications. I attended their last meeting in Palo Alto as a research fellow... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Friday 2 June

  • Jonathan Schwartz Blogs About The Layoff At SUN (10:21) - Jonathan Schwartz the CEO of SUN Microsystems had to lay off 5,000 people this week. The company used traditional channels of communication with press releases. However, Jonathan is also the first fortune 500 CEO blogger and he blogged about the... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 22 May

  • Blogger Stories (08:56) - Toby Bloomberg, the Diva of marketing is collecting blogger stories. Check out Toby's new website on blogger stories.... | 0 Trackbacks | 2 Comments

Tuesday 16 May

  • Master's In Business Blogging (08:48) - Christine Halvorson, formerly of Stonyfield farms, is offering a Master's in business blogging in a one day seminar. You can learn the basics of blogging and also gain hands-on experience of how to blog.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 9 May

Monday 8 May

  • A Quick GM Response Can Produce More Satisfied Blogging Customers (15:58) - I've written before about the GM Fastlane blog and how Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors does not answer every blog reader comment. Last week Bob Lutz, did answer a reader's comments in the post, "A Quick Response." The... | 0 Trackbacks | 3 Comments

Friday 5 May

Thursday 4 May

  • MarketingMonger Casts Wide Net For Bloggers (12:09) - Eric Matteson from the Marketing Monger blog interviewed me today for his podcast. Eric is attempting to record 1,000 podcast interviews, wow; I am impressed and believe he will succeed. Eric and I had a great conversation; he asked some... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Wednesday 3 May

  • Interview With Jameson Bull (09:12) - Jameson Bull recently contacted me about his blog, and we decided to conduct an interview about his background in PR. Jameson runs his own blog John: Could you tell me a little about your background in PR and blogging?... | 0 Trackbacks | 2 Comments

Tuesday 2 May

  • How Do You Build A Community With A Corporate Blog? (17:50) - How do you build a community with a corporate blog? This week we met with a client who asked a simple question, "How do you build a community with a blog?" I thought I'd attempt to answer the question in... | 0 Trackbacks | 4 Comments

Monday 1 May

  • Why Blogging Can Build Your Brand Online (16:05) - Zipingo is a website that allows you to rate businesses online. The website is provided as a service to Internet users by Intuit. The Zipingo website has a companion blog. The blog drew my attention today because one of the... | 0 Trackbacks | 2 Comments

Thursday 27 April

Wednesday 26 April

  • Jonathan Schwartz's Call To Action (10:19) - Jonathan Schwartz is the new CEO of SUN Microsystems, and he is a long time blogger. That makes Jonathan the first fortune 500 blogger. Though it seems as if Jonathan will have even less time to blog, as SUN Microsystems... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 25 April

Thursday 20 April

Monday 10 April

Tuesday 28 March

Friday 24 March

  • Stonyfield Farm's Chief Blogger Leaves (13:31) - I just heard that Christine Halvorson, Stonyfield Farm's Chief Blogger is leaving full time employment with Stonyfield. However, she will be working part-time for the company as a freelancer. Stonyfield started with four Stonyfield blogs, whose content strategy was to... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 27 February

Friday 17 February

Wednesday 15 February

Tuesday 14 February

Monday 13 February

  • Babson College Presentation On Blogging For Product Development (15:38) - I am excited to be giving a presentation at Babson College again on the impact of blogging and information technology on new product development and marketing on April twenty-sixth. As part of the presentation this post is an open forum... | 0 Trackbacks | 5 Comments

Wednesday 8 February

Monday 6 February

  • Blogging Presentations (15:28) - In the next two weeks I have two presentations coming up, one as moderator for the panel discussion on blogging for the Boston Product Manager’s Association. I am really looking forward to this meeting as I will have the opportunity... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 30 January

  • Deciding Who Should Write a Blog In A Software Company (22:25) - To determine who should write your company’s blog, ask yourself whom your customers most want to chat with when your company has to do a sales presentation? Your answer will probably be the person who can answer a customer’s questions... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Friday 13 January

  • Complex Product Companies Receive The Most Blog Comments (12:10) - I was in a teleconference this week with several fellows from the Society for New Communications Research, and we were discussing the issue of which blogs get more comments from their audience. Steve King with the Institute for the future... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Friday 30 December

  • Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki Launched (12:03) - Chris Anderson announced the launch of the Fortune 500 business blogging wiki, a list of the Fortune 500 companies that are blogging, along with a review of their stock price, the wiki is provided by Ross Mayfield (Socialtext). Chris Anderson... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Saturday 24 December

  • Holidays 2005 (09:18) - All the best for the holidays, Backbone Media was closed on Friday, and will reopen on Tuesday for the 2005 holiday season. We had an exciting new media communications year and hope to build on the corporate blogging efforts we... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 13 December

  • Boston Product Manager's Association Blogging Event (18:31) - The Boston Product Manager’s Association is hosting a blogging discussion about product development on February 16th. I contacted the association a few months ago, as I really wanted to discuss the issue of blogging and product development with product managers... | 1 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Friday 2 December

  • Blogging Increases Costs From Bank of America Boston Merger (18:29) - When Bank of America purchased Fleet Financial in Boston a few years ago, the Boston Business Journal reported an analyst from RBC, Gerard Cassidy, estimated, “that Bank of America would have to cut 9,000 to 11,000 jobs to create half... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 7 November

  • Expertise Needed To Be A Corporate Blogger (09:44) - Lee Hopkins follows up my discussion with Doug Haslam and discusses the issue of blogger relations, and the backlash against blogging, probably a reference to Forbes (Business Week’s note) and maybe Advertising Age articles, plus the skills sets needed to... | 1 Trackbacks | 4 Comments

Friday 14 October

  • BlogStock 05 Postponement Does Not Mean The End of Blogging (10:33) - BlogStock 05 was postponed this week, the organizers were not getting the kind of response they wanted from the business community in terms of the number of people who wanted to attend. I had thought that the conference would be... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Wednesday 12 October

  • Will my customers take my corporate blog seriously? (15:34) - Here is one question someone asked during my presentation on corporate blogging today in Lincoln, Nebraska for the Lincoln chapter of the AMA that I found interesting. “If my company is blogging how do I ensure that the content is... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Friday 7 October

  • Blockstock '05 (11:29) - I will be presenting at Blogstock ’05 in New Hampshire on October 26th. Blogstock '05 Learn how to effectively promote your business or organization through blogs - the hottest new form of online communication and community-building - at this day-long... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Wednesday 5 October

  • Benefits of Business Blogging (16:42) - I thought it would be useful to give a quick overview to the benefits of blogging. Customers are using the web to find vendors and compare opinions with their fellow customers. A starting point for any customer’s vendor research process... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 4 October

  • BlogOn Speakers (15:05) - Looks like the list of speakers at BlogOn is really going to be good. David Weinberger of the berkman center in Cambridge alone makes the event worthwile.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Wednesday 14 September

  • Business Blogging Presentation at AMA Lincoln in October (11:02) - I am giving a presentation on business blogging for the Lincoln chapter of the American Marketing Association on October 11th in Lincoln Nebraska. As part of the preparation for the event, I wanted to start a conversation with the board... | 0 Trackbacks | 16 Comments

Friday 26 August

Thursday 21 July

  • What do you have to gain from using a blog? (23:41) - What do you have to gain from using a blog? I was reading an article in the Journal of Marketing today while traveling into Boston, I was inspired by one of the articles to ask this question, "what do you... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Friday 1 July

  • Cult Marketing With Blogs (23:03) - Focusing on your customers, their needs and wants, and working towards building better products that satisfy those needs should be the goal of any company that wants to build a strong brand. Vespa launched their blog today; the company has... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

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