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Tuesday 13 June

  • Demonstrating Search Engine Marketing Research ROI (10:40) - Max Kalehoff suggests in this article, "more "search is strategy" talk," that most search agencies will not provide the level of strategic analysis of consumer search patterns their customers could gain from a detailed analysis of consumer search patterns on... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 12 June

  • What Does Blogging More Get You? (12:59) - Easton Ellsworth thinks more blog posts are important. I think there's a case to be made for blogger burn out, but I do agree with Easton that blogging frequently will get your content in front of more eyes on | 0 Trackbacks | 2 Comments

Tuesday 9 May

Thursday 20 April

Monday 10 April

Friday 24 March

  • The Science of Making Money With Search (14:20) - The Science of Making Money with Search was the second panel I attended at the digital sandbox day at the American Business Media Association one-day conference in New York. Here's an overview of what I found interesting from the panelists.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 21 February

  • Googling Robert "Scoble" (18:10) - John Cass asks where does your first name appear in the rankings on Google? | 0 Trackbacks | 5 Comments

Tuesday 14 February

Monday 13 February

Wednesday 25 January

  • Search Engine Strategies New York (23:18) - Backbone Media will be exhibiting at the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York on March 1st and 2nd. Look for our booth and stop by get an SEO or blogging review Backbone employees.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Thursday 12 January

  • How Do You Optimize A Blog For Search Engines? (11:11) - The process at Backbone Media, Inc. for optimizing web pages with our clients is that the client writes a web page and then sends that page to Backbone for review and optimization. When it comes to optimizing blog posts we... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Friday 6 January

  • New Backbone Media Website (23:33) - My company launched a new website this evening, check it out at | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 3 January

  • Marketing Leadership (10:08) - Al Ries writes a great article, “the Googling of the marketing industry: and what we can learn from it,? on marketing and branding in an advertising age column this week. He uses Google as his main example to explore the... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Monday 3 October

  • Search engine optimization: A solitary, or collaborative profession? (17:15) - Search engine optimization is a fast-paced profession, constantly changing; daily search engine algorithms change, and industry competitors deploy new websites and more content. Yet how different is the profession of search engine optimization to that of writing? Often SEO experts... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Thursday 15 September

  • Building a successful website (16:55) - Building a successful website involves many elements. The elements needed to ensure a successful website include design that’s appropriate for an audience, usability and being found by your audience through word of mouth or search engines. Balancing of these three... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Wednesday 14 September

  • How Will Combat Google’s Blog Search? (15:56) - Google’s Blog search service was announced today, here are a few thoughts on the service and its effect on Until recently many feed search engines resembled search engines from the late 90's in the number of Spam blogs allowed... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 30 August

  • TV Media Uses Search To Gain Customers (16:57) - A recent article in Adage reveals how several TV networks are using paid search engine campaigns to promote their programming online. As a medium search is a great way to reach customers during a critical point in the purchasing cycle... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Thursday 18 August

Monday 15 August

  • Blogs Boost Google SEO Rankings (15:12) - Steve Broback’s article “Want traffic and great Google placement? Evidence that an expensive name can’t compete with blogging,? is absolutely correct. Blogs can be a great way to out compete other rather more static websites. As its in the nature... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Wednesday 13 July

  • Will Remove the Spammers? (17:21) - In my work helping several clients on blog relations strategies for Backbone Media I’ve been using more often than ever before in the last few months. For eight months I was Director of Marketing for where I was... | 1 Trackbacks | 2 Comments

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