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Friday 16 June

  • F2F Is Biggest WOM Medium (11:19) - Don't give up on your telephone just yet. Dr. Walter Carl writes on the WOMMA Research blog in answer to an email question about word of mouth marketing and the differences between ages. Here's a quote from the post I... | 0 Trackbacks | 1 Comments

Thursday 23 February

Tuesday 17 January

  • Merger in the Word-of-mouth industry – BuzzMetrics & Intelliseek (23:49) - Surprising news today, BuzzMetrics buys Intelliseek to form the company Nielsen BuzzMetrics. Both BuzzMetrics and intelliseek are leaders in the word-of-mouth marketing or consumer generated media measurement industry. Many larger companies are using blog metrics services for the purpose of... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Tuesday 13 December

Monday 5 December

  • BuzzAgent's Whitepaper on Transparency (22:11) - BuzzAgent the company that produces word of mouth campaigns has just released a study on the effects of transparency to word of mouth campaigns. If you disclose that a participant in a program is volunteering for the program, BuzzAgent discovered... | 0 Trackbacks | 2 Comments

Monday 21 November

  • Public Prefers Traditional Advertising Over Stealth Marketing (09:30) - View image A new survey produced by Harris Interactive and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), found that general consumers, business executives and congressional staffers are more likely to trust traditional marketing methods over non-traditional or newer techniques.... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Thursday 17 November

  • LiveVault Viral Marketing Interview with Bob Cramer (10:38) - LiveVault is a Marlborough based security backup and recovery solutions company. Bob Cramer the CEO of LiveVault explains how he developed a highly successful viral video campaign for his company by employing John Cleese to make a funny video about... | 0 Trackbacks | 0 Comments

Thursday 20 October

Wednesday 19 October

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